Asics // Lite-show Winter Jacket W




  • ASICS LITE-SHOW™ technology
  • 3-layer soft-shell fabric
  • Cold, wind and water-resistant
  • Warm, brushed-finish inside
  • High-neck helps protect against the wind
  • 2x front pockets with zip
  • Thumb holders
  • Chin guard
  • Designed with recycled materials
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The LITE-SHOW™ apparel collection is designed to help keep runners visible when running in low-light conditions. Advanced retro-reflective technology works at night, reflecting any light directed at it back onto its source. These accents are placed around the garment to provide excellent visibility.

The LITE-SHOW™ WINTER JACKET is designed for running in cold sub-zero weather and is water-repellent against light rain and snow. It’s also designed to keep runners visible in low-light settings. Functional for wearing as an added layer, this jacket’s three-layer soft-shell knit fabric construction is also complemented with a brushed fabric to help runners keep warm in cooler conditions. Additionally, the higher neck construction offers additional protection from the wind, while the convenient pockets with zips can store various accessories.



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