Asics // Magic Speed M Shocking Orange



  • Kevyt ja vikkelä kenkä upeassa värissä
  • Neutraali vaimennus
  • Kestävä AHAR®-ulkopohja
  • Paino: 184 grammaa
  • Droppi: 5 mm
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The MAGIC SPEED™ shoe is made for racing or regular training runs. It offers the versatility you need to move your body and your mind towards a new personal best. Made to propel your foot forward, GUIDESOLE™ technology is combined with a carbon forefoot plate. This creates a smooth rolling sensation as you move through your stride. Traditionally, when you add more foam to a shoe, you add more weight. By stacking the midsole with FLYTEFOAM® Blast cushioning, this material adds a responsive feel to your step while keeping the shoe lightweight.



41,5, 42, 42,5, 43,5, 44, 44,5, 45, 46


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