Asics // Novablast 3 M / Black/ White

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The NOVABLAST™ 3 running shoe draws inspiration from a geometric origami feature for the upper and midsole. After making the shoe approx. 30g lighter than the previous version, we also equipped this style with improved comfort.

A tongue wing construction in the upper helps improve the fit while reducing tongue movement. This component is reinforced with a more supportive heel design to help guide the foot with more control through your gait cycle.

Meanwhile, the midsole’s FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning helps create a lighter and more responsive feel underfoot.

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The NOVABLAST™ 3 shoe is a great way to meet your training goals while moving towards a clear mindset. For the third version of this series, we wanted to create a smoother and more responsive feel underfoot.

The heel stabiliser is designed to improve support while producing a smoother stride.

By fine-tuning the FF BLAST™ cushioning, the shoe offers a softer landing and a more energetic rebound.

The outsole’s wider base creates a more balanced landing while propelling your foot forward.



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    FF blast+ on pohjamateriaalina on jotain uutta. Kengät sopivat peruslenkkeihin ja vauhdikkaampaakin juoksuun. Säästävät myös hyvin jalkoja.

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