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The HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 6 for women are comfortable, neutral running shoes. The Challenger ATR 6 is the 6th version of HOKA’s ATR (All Terrain) series. These versatile shoes have been specially designed to perform on a variety of surfaces, from tarmac roads to muddy trails. The shoes also offer protection in different types of weather. The Challenger ATR 6 provides the same excellent cushioning as its predecessor. So, what is the difference? This new version is lighter and provides even more stability. HOKA also has made a sustainable choice in the design of these trainers: they employ recycled materials in the construction of the shoes.

The mesh upper is breathable and made for 30% of recycled polyester. The upper provides protections against dirt and is very durable. The reinforced toe-boxes function as a bumper for the toes. When hitting rocks and stones on your trails, your toes will stay protected. The renewed lace holes ensure even more stability. The midsole is twice as thick as with other shoes, thanks to which you’ll experience ultimate comfort and cushioning.

The improved heelcap fits snugly around the heel and provides a soft feel and a good tight fit. This ensures a lot of stability during your runs. The HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 6 is a true winner when it comes to running comfortably on various surfaces.

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