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The NB FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3 are the shoes in the range most oriented towards long-distance competition and will have the most innovative elements and materials that NB could give to any of its shoes.

Weight: 215 grams.

Drop: 4mm


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FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3: technology, speed and performance

Competition shoe clearly intended for long distance. We will use it for half or full marathon, although yes, at really high rates and for those more experienced runners who will be able to get the most out of it. Within the brand’s new SuperComp line, these new FuelCell SuperCom Elite v3 stand as the jewel in the crown. A silhouette that renews the previous RC Elite v2 designed for the most experienced runner.


Directly said by the manager of New Balance in the United States, Danny Orr, this new SC Elite v3 has been designed to be even more dynamic than its predecessor.

With the FuelCell in its midsole and with these very high profiles, the shoe has no other purpose than to generate speed and performance.

To control the rebound and give comfort to the foot, the SuperComp Elite v3 maintains (luckily) a collar very similar to that of its previous version… Probably one of the most comfortable among all the “super” shoes on the market!

The visible change is the one we have in the upper and its clothing. A one-piece knit material that will ditch the traditional tongue for a much more “racing” fit and feel on race day.



41,5, 42, 42,5, 43, 44, 44,5, 45, 45,5, 46,5


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