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The Long Sleeve Running Tee is a staple for all runners who train in cold weather and tour ultra runner friends in Ockelbomaffian have surely had their fair share of that.

RID’s take on this classic, which they simply call the Running Sleeve is using the same signature material that the rest of the tops in Drop 3 – a lightweight mesh which is super smooth and will help you keep your cool in warm conditions. Side-note: You know those annoying labels on the inside of many of your t-shirts? Not here! Most of what you need to know is instead printed on clean vinyl blocks in our signature baby blue.

Pro tip: A long sleeve t-shirt is great for layering when the temperature drops. You can combine it with our Running Tee and it will get you through even the colder days in late fall or early spring, you can use it with our Wind Jacket and it will get you through a long run in the rain or you can combine it with one of our Fleece tops and it will see you through even the dead of winter. The Running is Dead team has tried it all!

Semi-lose fit – for comfort as well as for the looks.

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Our long sleeve tees are made from the perfect blend of Polyester (for its moisture-wicking qualities) and Elastane (for flexing you know). They should be washed in cold temperatures and in order for them to last we suggest that you skip the fabric softener.



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