Running Is Dead // Running Socks L2 D3 Grey


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RID’s Running Socks are among the products that they’re the most proud of at Running Is Dead. Not only because they look great but because after having gone through countless pairs of running socks throughout the years they can safely say that the fit and feel of these is second to none.

The way they see it a great pair of running socks should fit snugly but not tight so that’s what you’re getting. Oh, and they’re knitted in Sweden by people who have been in the socks business since before your grandfather could walk. Let alone run.

The last point means that if you treat these essential interfaces between your feet and your shoes well, by washing them regularly and by taking care of your toenails (if you don’t they have a nasty habit of wreaking havoc with not only your socks but also your running shoes) they will last you for miles and miles.

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RID’s Running socks are made from a mix of Dryarn (70%), Polyamide (20%) and Lycra (10%) and are reinforced at the sole to ensure that that they are both comfortable and long-lasting.



37-39, 40-42, 43-45


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