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RID’s Running Split Shorts have been completely re-worked for Drop 3 based on input from some of the fastest ultra runners in Scandinavia and the fit is neither too loose nor too tight.

Running Is Dead is using a brand new lightweight material which feels much softer, dries faster and has far more stretch than the one we’ve previously used. Furthermore, split short connoisseurs will notice that the fit on these is on point. Having spent our fair share of time running in countless split shorts and having the basic idea that you want your split shorts to be sufficiently loose (so that they don’t obstruct your moves) while you don’t want them to be overly loose (so that it looks as if you’re wearing a skirt) we are convinced that they have finally found the perfect balance with these.

Lastly, while they know that many runners don’t feel super comfortable wearing split shorts, they are confident that our take on this classic, which is ideal for racing as well as for training when the heat is on, will accommodate the needs of most: from short distance track runners to marathoners.

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RID’s split shorts are made from the perfect blend of Polyester (for its moisture-wicking qualities) and Elastane (for flexing you know). They should be washed in cold temperatures and in order for them to last we suggest that you skip the fabric softener.



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