Sa1nt Layers // Compression Sock / UNISEX / Black


SA1NT compression socks provide maximum support during and after your workouts.

Constructed from environmentally friendly bamboo fibres, the medical grade graduated compression is proven to support your muscles, improve circulation and speed up recovery times.

The SA1NT product crew have a deep experience in medical-grade compression. We’ve harnessed this knowledge to deliver dedicated sports and performance equipment, to enhance your comfort and heighten your sports focus.

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+ 15-20 MMHG Graduated Compression
+ Great for support and improved circulation
+ Reduced muscle vibration
+ Soft cuff for all day comfort
+ Bamboo fibres for anti-bacterial qualities

+ Knee High Sock
+ Cushioned footbed for comfort and support
+ Linked toe cage
+ Soft cuff for all day comfort
+ Unisex fit – refer to size guide for more details



0/XS, 1/S, 2/M, 3/L, 4/XL


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