Saucony // Endorphin Pro M

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  • Kevyt ja hyvin hengittävä päällinen
  • SPEEDROLL-teknologia tuo askeltamiseen rullaavuutta
  • Pohjan hiilikuitulevy tekee kengän rakenteesta jäykän ja tukevan
  • Kevyt PWRRUN PB-pohja vaimentaa askelta
  • Droppi: 8 mm
  • Paino: 213 grammaa
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The Endorphin Pro was engineered with elite athletes and built to give everyday runners a fair advantage at the starting line. Simply put, it’s the fastest shoe we’ve ever built. Featuring our signature S-curve carbon fibre plate for powerful transitions, along with ultralight and springy PWRRUN PB cushioning, the resulting SPEEDROLL propels you forward with a feeling of continuous momentum that blurs the line between each stride. And weighing in at a feather-light 179g, it’s undeniable. These shoes weren’t made for chasing personal bests. They were made for smashing them.



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